Coppi Sunday Ride
one of the the best group rides in the DC region


We roll promptly at 8:35am from the Java Shack in Arlington, stopping briefly at 8:55 am at Pierce Mill to pick up DC riders. The ride lasts about 3 hours.

The Old Sunday Ride - RETURNS! -With temporary alternate along Oregon Ave.

Click here to see the new 2019 Squadra Coppi Sunday Ride on Ride With GPS. 

From Java Shack, it’s about 50 miles with 2,900ft for the full ride. We usually stay together at a brisk pace for the first 17 miles, until Tuckerman road, where breakaways should be expected. At the one-lane bridge where Glen Rd meets Glen Mill Rd, there's a shortcut option (46 miles, 2,100ft) for those who don't want to do the rollers. At the 27-mile mark, we head back along Piney Meeting House Rd, then circle back toward DC via River Rd to Falls Rd. We regroup at the top of Great Falls Park (37-mile mark), and return together on MacArthur.

This ride comprises experienced riders who value their training time. The ride is open to everyone, but expect a challenge. Expect speeds from 16-18mph during warmup, 20-25 mph for much of the ride, and 25+ mph during more challenging sections. Riders should be comfortable in a fast pace line, and be prepared to support themselves if they are separated from the group. 

Come One, Come All
Not all riders have their fitness year round. Nor do our training goals always call for a hammerfest every Sunday. For that reason, we make an effort to designate a "B-Ride leader" at the Pierce Mill stop. This is a Coppi team member who's taking it easy for the day. This person will lead a more moderately paced no-drop ride. If it's your first time or you want a slower pace, you should not hesitate to ask who the B-ride leader is.

Strava Segments
Glen Mill Rollers: 1 lane bridge through sprint at Piney
Piney Meetinghouse Sprint
When the Wind is your friend - SPRINT
GF Park Climb
DC Sign Line Sprint