vincere insieme - winning together

In 1994, Unione Sportivo Coppi, later called Squadra Coppi, rose from the ashes of two DC area teams: Kodak Ektar Film and Victory Velosport. Learning from the mistakes of its forbearers, Squadra Coppi's founders envisioned a grass-roots cycling team based on egalitarianism, and community involvement. The club was initially sponsored by an excellent organic restaurant, “Coppi’s,” themed around the great Italian champion Fausto Coppi. As the club has grown and prospered, it has featured at  a junior who would go on to win a United States Elite Road Race championship and a spot on the U23 American team, a woman who wore the Coppi jersey to win the fabled Mount Washington hill climb, and state and regional champions in numerous categories and disciplines. The club’s motto “Vincere Insieme,” or, "winning together,” remains our guiding principle. Squadra Coppi remains open to all who share our passion for cycling. Our Squadra Coppi teammates continue to inspire us to learn and grow as athletes, competitors and friends both on and off the bike.